Natural Healthy Foods

This journey began with us wanting to know what was in our food and where it came from. That's when we decided to grow it ourselves. Raised responsibly from field to table.


Fresh From Our Farm

Raised here in the heart of Missouri, on our farm near the Blackwater River. We use rotational grazing to keep the cows and the land healthy and renewed.


Grass Fed, Grass Finished

We believe the most natural and healthy way to raise cattle is in the pasture. That is why our cattle are grass fed and grass finished. Our cattle are free to roam the pasture and graze at their leisure.


About Us

Hi, we're Tim and Heidi Aulgur, and we're raising our four children

Life on the Farm

We are raising our family on a farm near Marshall, MO. We


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The Aulgur family is excited to have you visit their corner of the internet. Tim and Heidi Aulgur, along with their four children, have made a commitment to follow their passion for producing and consuming healthier foods. Now they want to share that passion with you! Their cattle are grass fed and grass finished, enjoying a quiet life in the remote pastures of rural Missouri. They believe that responsible grazing practices not only make for great beef, but also naturally replenish the soil. This keeps all things in balance. The Aulgurs intend to learn and grow through this adventure, and are happy to share their experience with you. They offer healthy beef at a fair price. You can find all that they sell in the Shop section of the website.